My Birth Story (My Husband Caught The Baby)

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First birth!

Without much suspense from the title you can pretty much go ahead and imagine the worst case scenario and of course it being something far from a normal delivery, TWICE. When you are pregnant you can literally milk absolutely anything, so most certainly I will partake in this sport. However milking played no part on the agenda for both birthing experiences because the situations were drama in itself, I’ll just get right to it.

It was a normal day until I decided I’m going to have a good night sleep. Not long after such a carefully and skilfully thought out decision my contractions decide to begin, precisely at 1am. I quickly contacted my husband and to our advantage his work is within reasonable distance from our home. Upon my husband’s arrival the contraction were getting stronger and you can only imagine the pain. It was a type of pain that I had never felt before; I was confused between tears of torture and excitement. We called the hospital and we were advised to wait a little longer, “professionals know best” so I thought. During the waiting period this was when I had my first “show” accompanied by unbearable pains, so I just thought to myself, that’s it we’re out of here! I could barely stand on my feet talk less of walking. With all that “I’m at the gym” messages from my husband he better show me what he has been doing there, so YES he carried me.


I was taken into the examination room, I was informed that I would have to return home as I was only 2cm dilated. I glanced at the time and it was only 6-7am but it literally felt like the whole day. Lawrence suggested that we go to my mums' home rather than ours as she resides close to the hospital. My husband had been so supportive and kept calm which strengthened me. Later in the day I visited the bathroom whereby I began bleeding; this struck worry for all of us and we immediately called the ambulance. The ambulance wasted no time in arriving however the service inside the ambulance, I will not even dignify with words. I informed the paramedics that I was feeling heavy pressure which makes me feel like pushing. I was instructed to lay on the floor for examination, at which he examined me from many meters away and then had the audacity to tell me that he could see nothing and to also speedily put my trousers back on! I was thinking to myself is this a joke, these people do not want a crazy pregnant woman in this place. Thank God for my husband and my Mum who calmed me and supported me through it all. During the journey to the hospital I again informed them I felt like pushing however their incompetence could not allow them generate enough words to form a sentence of advice within their profession “HM! there is God”!


Upon arrival at the hospital the paramedics basically in plain words told us “jog on, on your way”. No support of a bed to push me in or anything of the sort. It was rather strange to me the calmness that abounded my husband through this day because the normal Lawrence I know would have made soup of those men! However I maintained my cool because I knew if I had lost it, that was all Lawrence needed to attain a criminal record on the day of his child’s birth…the devil is a liar! I got to the reception of the department and was advised to sit and wait. Now you can imagine a hospital reception has no gender restrictions. Two minutes after I sat, I SCREAMED I need to push! Again they disputed my statement, I stood up, pulled downs my trouser a little and felt the baby’s head. I said I can feel the baby’s head, AGAIN they told me to pull my trouser up as though I had lost my mind. I then pulled my trousers down to my knee while seated and pushed my son out without the help of any doctor or nurse. Meanwhile everyone in the reception was screaming, the men didn’t know where to look in utter confusion and trauma and ladies were in tears. Thank God my husband caught the baby as he slipped inside my trousers. The look of my husband, as though he was literally about to faint. It was now that the nurses and doctor recognised the matter as an emergency. I mean...are you sure you don’t want to finish your conversation about absolute nonsense!


I was rushed to the delivery room with my baby where I had to deliver the placenta. I lost a lot of blood during this segment however God had me. I’m surprised they didn’t wait for me to turn blue before they took the initiative to give me drips and a shot to stop the bleeding. Everything happened so quickly that we didn’t even have family around because if this was a regular birth the hospital would have definitely been packed in no time. You see, it’s family tradition to crowd anywhere we visit with love, mental and physical support for each other. Hence me being grateful my Husbands' family were not present to experience all the mistreatment, else I may have ended up giving birth in jail. They would not have hesitated to correct a number of peoples attitude through the day. The hospital was speedily packed with visitor and family, it was such a beyond blessed day I could not describe in words. The thought of suing the HELL out of these people came to mind but we just thought, thank God that he himself delivered our son Zayne and it was done to perfection in his own way. Things could have ended up in a different way.