Private Body Parts: Why Teach Your Children The Real Names Of Body Parts

Many of us parents teach our kids about body parts, but aren’t comfortable saying the actual correct names of those body parts especially the private parts. We hear terms like wee wee,pee pee, vejayjay and boobies. Kids grow up knowing those words and sometimes only truly know the words of those body parts at a later age. I think especially in the black community we tend to think that it is completely wrong for kids to know those words. They aren’t comfortable speaking openly about it, so kids tend to grow up thinking that it is wrong for them to talk about those body parts.


Importance of teaching the real names of body parts

I hear so many stories that happen to young children being abused and touched inappropriately. If you teach your child the correct words of those body parts, they will know how to expressed themselves properly, when they want to talk to you or other adults about it. If you are open and comfortable to teach your kids, they won’t feel like it’s a subject that they can’t talk about, and will probably find it difficult to speak up.

When should a child know their body parts?

It is never to early for your child to learn body parts, i believe as you start teaching them their eyes,nose,mouth and so on you should also start getting comfortable in adding the private parts.

Teaching them will make them comfortable coming to you for anything, with questions and GOD forbid if anyone tried to touch them inappropriately.  

Recent research shows that knowing the correct anatomical terms enhances kids’ body image, self-confidence, and openness. It also discourages their susceptibility to molesters. When children are abused, having the correct language helps both the child and adults deal with disclosure and — if necessary — the forensic interview process.  Dona Matthews, Ph.D.

According to Laura Palumbo of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center  "We need all adults to be partners in teaching healthy childhood sexual development, and square one is body parts. Educators and parents should communicate accurately, without stigma or shame."

How to teach your toddler about body parts

I started with the simple and easiest parts first. I started with songs like head,shoulders,knees and toes and books such as who has what? As i started seeing how well they are learning, i then started on the private parts. It was easier for me to teach them while they were in the shower. I noticed that they were learning faster. And they were interested in asking me questions. My daughter asks me what she is meaning what sex she is and what sex is her brother. And they know what is inappropriate touching and they say i will tell mummy and day.

So i am getting them comfortable and confident to speak about it, because there is actually nothing wrong with them knowing. Did you know that offenders are less likely to pick a child that is informed, who is open to talking about it. They know this child will tell their parents even if they threaten them.

Good Touch And Bad Touch

Good Touch

Teach your kids about good touch give them examples ,like when mummy and daddy hug you or kiss you good night that’s good touching or giving you a bath. Even when they are playing with their friends and hold hands that’s good touch.

Bad Touch

When they are being touched and they feel uncomfortable. teach them when they say no to who ever is touching them it means no. If the person tells them to keep it a secret it is wrong they should tell mummy or daddy. Teach them that their bodies is theirs and no means no.


You see teaching your kids about their private body parts is a good and positive,  they will only be confident with their body image. Start teaching them the actual names of those body parts. Kids soak information like a sponge and are curious about things, so you being open about this will only get them to receive this information like anything that you teach them. They won’t ever be shy to talk about it, it will be like any other subject that they talk about. So lets throw all those cute names that we tend to teach our kids to call their private parts, and teach them the correct words.