Baby sleep- How to get baby to sleep in the cot: try these steps  

For baby sleep in the cot the whole night seems like an impossible thing at the start. I have to hold my hands up when my baby was born I would let him sleep in my arms. I would just stare at him for hours. And not put him down in his crib. As first time Mother’s we also think that not having a decent night sleep is normal, and a small price to pay. When it came to my first born I struggled with little to no sleep for 8 and a half months. He would only want to sleep in my arms, even in the daytime.  He would only sleep in his cot for a few minutes. When I finally couldn’t take it anymore and saw that it was only getting worst I decided to fix things. 

I mean we spent days if not months selecting the perfect cot for our baby, taking the time to assemble it, to have the baby not sleep there at all. No something had to change. 

From when he was born until 8 months my son had bad sleeping habits because he didn’t want to sleep in his crib but only in my arms. It took me a bit longer to actually realize that it was ok for him to sleep in his cot. “After babies hit the 6-month mark, their napping and nighttime habits become harder to change," says Jodi Mindell, Ph.D., author of Sleeping Through the Night. 

I did these easy steps to get kids to sleep in their cot. 

how to get baby to sleep in cot

How to get baby to sleep in the cot is to get them comfortable in it

How to get baby to sleep in the cot is by making them comfortable to be inside it. Put some toys in the cot and place your baby inside, but only do this during the day. Play with the baby in there for a few mins only don’t take to long, this is only to get the baby comfortable to be inside the cot because I know some babies have huge anxiety being inside a cot. This is how I got my daughter to start getting used to the cot.

Get the baby to nap in his/her cot 

In the first 3 months, my son would sometimes nap in the bassinet but never in his cot. We started putting him in the cot at nap times. Although those naps didn’t really last that long. But we continued to put him down in the cot until he started getting used to it. You have to be consistent every time he naps put him down in his cot. 

Establish a Bedtime Routine

If you haven’t started doing this from the start, don't worry it is not too late. 

A bedtime routine will help your baby understand that it’s nearly bedtime. If your baby had a bedtime routine, you will see that he/she will settle down much faster and easier. I have tried not following with our bedtime routine before because I was “tired”. We all have those days, right? But I didn’t work for us at all as he didn’t settle, so we had to do our routine just so he settled. A bedtime routine doesn’t have to be so complex. It all depends on what works for your family. It can be sometimes like bath (6 pm), breast/bottle (6.30 pm), book and bed (7/7.30 pm). Choose the times to suits you and the baby. You will start seeing that your baby will start settling easier in his cot. 

Baby Sleep Sack

Baby sleep sack really helped us when we transitioned our children into their cots; it put us at ease knowing that what we are covering them with won’t end up on their faces at night. Making sure that your baby is sleeping in something comfortable and safe is really important. Sleep Sack wearable blanket is really safe to sleep in at night as it replaces loose blankets in the cot that often can cover your babies face and affect their breathing. In addition to sleeping safer, it also will help your baby sleep better, too. Your baby won’t be able to kick off the blanket like they usually do when using a normal blanket.

Baby sleep sack will get the baby nice and warm and you won’t have to use a blanket as baby sleepers are often pretty warm. Sleep sacks usually have long sleeves and long legs. Most, sleepers cover the baby’s feet, and many other great features like snaps or zippers at the legs to make diaper changing at night much easier.

Best baby sleep sacks

Here is a small list of brands that sell great baby sleep sack

  • Halo sleep sack overall

  • The Gro Company Ollie the Owl Grobag  

  • JoJo Maman Bebe Toddler Travel Sleeping Bag

  • Babasac Multi-Tog Sleeping Bag

  • Aden+ Anais

  • Multipurpose: Woolino baby sleeping sack

  • Mori: Clever sleeping sack

Teaching baby to soothe her self in the crib

  • At around 6 months to 8 months a baby can start learning to soothe themselves when they are in bed.

    • Be consistent when getting them ready for bed. For example at the same time every day. 

  • Don’t rock your baby to sleep. 

  • When putting down your baby don’t let them sleep in your arms. Put them down when they are drowsy but awake.

  • Break the habit of feeding them to fall asleep on your breast.

  • Don’t pick your baby up when they cry, fight the urge to rush to them wait a few seconds outside before you go and check up on her. If she/he continues to cry provide just enough comfort to calm her/him down without picking them up. If they continue to cry just pick them up for a few seconds then put them back down.

how to get baby to sleep in cot

Swaddle baby to sleep in the cot

We never swaddle both our babies, apart from when they were born in the postnatal ward. But a hear great things from parents that do it.  It makes the baby feel cozy and warm creating a womb environment. You can find great tips on how to swaddle safely here. 

Eliminate distractions with White Noise

Newborns are used to the noise in the womb, the sound of white noise drowns out other noises around the house, which sometimes could cause for them not to sleep properly, using white noise will help them to sleep properly. There are so many cheap white nose gadget that you can buy, we bought Ollie the Owl Grofriend. 

I first put both my kids to sleep in their bassinets next to me. When I became comfortable with the thought of my babies sleeping in the cot. I then started implementing these steps to transition them to crib. Doing what is best for your family is the most important thing. But remember that your baby needs good sleeping hours as much as you do. Happy mommy equals a happy baby. If your baby is always just sleeping in your arms, you would hardly ever sleep well.

Make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to this. So if you see yourself wanting to give up, he can step in and help and support you.

All this requires is for you to be consistent and stick with it, don’t give up even if you are tempted. Every child learns to sleep in their cot at different times. Some babies take only a week and some take a bit longer, but just know that it will all be worth it in the end.