How I Met My Husband

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Meeting my husband

I have been with my husband for 10 years and married for almost 4. Lawrence (also know as JJ) and I met in college in 2006. The funny thing is I didn't even give him the time of day. Hard working was quickly added to his CV after the effort it took to get my attention. He realised I wasn't easy to budge so he resulted to lies, God forgive! He presented a well scripted story, where by he stated that an outing to the cinema with friends was in arrangements which required my number for details to be forwarded. Which in actual fact, he had arranged just for him and I to go. Rejection rapidly became his first name the moment I caught unto things. You know, they say persistence works when it comes to perusing someone you're interested in even if you're rejected a number of times. I can admit it worked on my end of the spectrum because before I knew it I had finally agreed. However please don't try this if God didn't send you. You will be calling around for bail money with charges of stalking/ God had it that the outcome of the first date lead us to where we are today. Things were made official thereafter and we thought it wise to keep our relationship to ourselves. This saved us from all the people advising you to leave your man because he borrowed a pen to another girl in class. Privacy is very paramount in a relationship because it gives you less noise to sive out when making important decisions about your relationship. Also having the choice of the advice you want to hear and the ones you don't. You know, everyone had a degree in relationships because they know How to tell their man "don't mess with me, I'm not the one yeah!" Or "Yo, don't take mans for an eeediat". PLEASE!

We come from diverse countries which share little to no similarities in culture. I am from Angola and he's from Nigeria. There were certainly challenges that came our way due to the difference in heritage. You'd hear comments such as "she should be with one of us, why is she with a Nigerian" and vice versa . Some occasions required us addressing people head on with their unfathomable diluted knowledge of how life works and the rules they've set for other people they know nothing about. Though it was not our strength and love for each other that kept us together but rather the inclusiveness of the leadership of God and we're sure glad we listened and followed. Yes trails will come in any God ordained relationships however it's not the trails that effect your relationship but rather how you deal with them. 10 Year’s later we are married with 2 kids and an unbreakable support system from both our families. To us, family and God is all that matters. Chose your confidants wisely, they can make or break your relationship.

With Love,