4 Tips For An Introvert Mum With Extrovert Kids


I love my kids, but boy do they take out all my energy by  the end of the day i am exhausted sometimes. I only have 2 kids but sometimes it feels like i have 5 kids running around my house. There are times that i honestly want to run. Don’t get me wrong i bloody love my kids but being an introvert with extrovert kids is exhausting.

Having two toddlers that constantly want my attention, they don’t ever stop from the moment they wake up, up until they sleep it’s a constant run around. If i’m not separating fights, they want us to do activities, sing, play games or dance.

My daughter sometimes will tell me come on mummy let’s dance,come get up, even if am exhausted i have to get up and dance. Or my son will tell me for us to play cars or football, they don’t care or know that mummy needs to time to recover.

The thing with introverts is that we need space to recharge, we like to have fun but a time comes when we have to take some alone time to refuel. But  extroverts don’t need to recharge, they can go on without needing that time alone.

I sometimes don’t believe they are my kids because of how extroverted they are, they are make friends with any one. They want to be in some sort of social setting at all times and never seem tired.

I sometimes feel bad because i have to say no to certain things that they want us to do as i need some time alone. I never want them to stop being themselves and being the social butterflies that they are. but  I have learned to not just focus of their needs and make sure they have all the fun in the world, I had to learn to also put my needs in front sometimes.

Extroverted children:

  • Are outgoing

  • Love playing in groups

  • Love to be around many people and other kids.

  • They love sharing with others/ share everything

  • Talk a lot

  • Find being alone extremely isolating and difficult

  • Do not generally enjoy solitary activities

  • Don’t understand why someone might need time alone

My kids are my world but sometimes i just want to be left alone, and a lot of the times its almost impossible. As am a stay at home mum i am with my kids majority of time.

I have found ways to meet my needs as an introvert as well as meeting the needs of my kids. I want to always be the best that i can be so that i give my whole to them so this tips have been helping me and i hope it helps you too.


Get Alone Time

I would sometimes get frustrated with my husband not knowing why, because he would ask me what he can do and offer to stay with the kids so i can go out and have some alone time. i came to realise that isn’t enough.  I needed some time alone in my own home , so i told me husband to start taking them out rather than me always be the one leaving my home. And let me tell you it feels great to just be alone and have some peace and quiet. I feel re energised by the time they come back home.

Divide Activities

My husband is an extrovert, both my kids took after him. He loves meeting people, he can go to events everyday and don’t feel like he needs a break. He’s always the life of the party,  so when we have to take the kids out to big events my husband is the one that is the one that stays and entertains the kids, he’s the one that also gets to play a lot with them while i some times take a break and have some time alone.

Find Things You Both Enjoy And Bond Over

I love spending time alone and enjoy peace and quiet, but of course with two extrovert kids it’s almost impossible at times. Of course it can’t always be about me. I always try to find activities that we both enjoy doing.  I love doing crafts and painting activities with my kids, so we do that often. This is something that doesn’t take drain my energy and the kids also love doing it.

Love Them For Who They Are

I show my kids that i love them for who they are everyday and i wouldn’t change them for anything else. I love their bubbly, outgoing personalities and their loving way. I remind them how great they are and to never change who they are for no one.  I don’t want them to ever feel like i don’t want them to spend time with me or have any problem with how they are because really and truly we are all unique in our own why.

I’m learning who i am everyday and  embracing it, and i embrace who my kids are. I want to always make sure that i am the best parent that i can be for them and never feel like i am failing in this thing called parenting. My kids are always teaching me new things about myself and helping me in many expect of life with the personality that they have. I am so grateful for them and everything they teach me. 

Comment down below how you have learned to navigate the different personalities between you and your kids.