How to Keep Your Pregnancy Spending to a Minimum

Photo via  Pexels .

Photo via Pexels.

Anyone who has ever expected a baby will recognise the simultaneous dread and excitement

that comes when you start thinking of your baby shopping. One part of your brain becomes

obsessed with the world of adorable clothes, toys, and accessories in front of you, while the

other worries about how hugely expensive parenthood will be.

Keeping your shopping under control can be a challenge, but we guarantee you are better off

saving that money for when the baby arrives. Here is how to keep your pregnancy budget-

friendly while still enjoying all the fun of preparing for a baby.

Baby Clothes

Those cute, tiny outfits are some of the biggest temptations you’ll face as an expecting parent,

but it’s important to remember that babies grow fast. Anything you buy for the first couple of

years will quickly become too small, so you need to curb those shopping impulses. Instead, buy

only a few outfits and scale up as needed.

If you’re crafty, another way to save money is to make some of your own baby clothes. There

are loads of simple DIY projects you can do, from comfy leggings to adorable animal onesies,

some of which don’t even require much sewing skills.

Maternity Clothes

One of the biggest ways to save money on maternity clothes is to look inside your own

wardrobe, or even your partner’s. You don’t have to buy purpose-made maternity clothes:

stretchy pants, oversized shirts, and floaty tops all work. You can also use the old rubber band

trick to stretch out the use of your regular pants. If none of your clothes fit at all, look for second-

hand options online or head to your closest maternity consignment store.


Before you start buying every baby toy you see, take a second to consider what your baby will

actually be able to play with. According to the Bump, the best toys for newborns and young

babies are play mats on which they can stretch out — bonus points if they have mobiles or

sound effects to stimulate their senses. A single mat can provide months of playtime before you

start looking at other developmental toys.


When it comes to all the baby gear like strollers, carriers, and changing stations, go second-

hand. You can find great deals online, even for high-quality branded goods. Mercari is a

particularly good place to look since they don’t take a commission on purchases and have an

entire section dedicated to baby gear.

Diapers are another big cost. Before you start bulk buying, know that there are plenty of tricks to

keep your diaper budget low. Hunt for coupons and discounts, sign up for brand newsletters,

and use money-saving apps. Alternatively, go eco-friendly with reusable cloth diapers.

Pre-Baby Parties

If you are keen on doing a gender reveal, steer away from big expensive gestures and go for a

creative option. As Kindred Bravely explains, this can be a cute photo op for social media or a

more elaborate DIY project like a paper-mache volcano that erupts in blue or pink.

Similarly, there are a few tricks to throwing an inexpensive baby shower that doesn’t look cheap.

For example, if you stick to a particular colour scheme, even dollar store and DIY decorations will

look incredible. Public spaces such as parks make for excellent cheap venues, and pot luck

parties are both fun and wallet-friendly.

Baby Food

While you’re not buying baby food yet, it helps to think about what your system is going to be

when the baby arrives. Pre-made foods are convenient but expensive, and homemade baby

food makes for a cheap and healthy alternative. What To Expect has some handy and simple

tips on how to prepare and season ingredients (hint: stay away from salt and sugar).

As you prepare for the arrival, try not to go overboard. A few clothes, a stock of diapers, and the

basic accessories to keep your baby safe and comfortable are the only things you really need.

Above all, remember that babies don’t need lots of expensive things — it may sound cliche, but

love and attention are worth a thousand times more.

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