My Daughter's Natural Hair Care Routine.

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My daughter's natural hair

When my daughter was born she had a head full of hair. When she turned 3 months I noticed that her hair started falling off. Even tho I didn't use any harsh products. I didn't know why it was happening, I went to the doctors because I was getting really worried. I knew babies hair fall but had no idea it could fall off the way hers was. All that the doctor could say was it is normal a lot of babies hair fall out. So when she was 5 month old and almost completely bold I started a strict hair routine I was able to fine hair product that worked on her hair and it started flourishing  and  becoming thick and full. It is really important to have a hair routine and stick to it, you will definitely start seeing a difference.

Cataleya's weekly hair care routine

Step 1-Cleanse her hair with the As I Am born curly avocado Shea Cowash

Step 2- Condition her hair with the Mane choice kids conditioner. I finger detangle her hair while the conditioner is on her hair.

Step 3- Dry her hair with a cotton t-shirt. (Never a towel)

Step 4- While her hair is still damp I apply a small amount of  the As I Am born curly leave in conditioner.

Step 5- Followed by the As I Am born Curly twist defining smoothie

Step 6- I apply an oil to seal all the moisture. Usually I apply olive oil.

Its important to find a product that works for your child's hair. Not all products work well on every hair type.

With Love,

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