Kids Summer Holiday Activities


So now that Zayne has finished nursery and off school for 6 weeks. God I need to keep both the kids busy for their sanity and mine. After having kids a realised how expensive the summer holidays can really be. You have to be out with them all the time doing different activities. I’m starting to like winter haha. No am joking still love summer! 

My kids are very active and if they don’t do any sort of activity they would drive me crazy. Yes they have their screen time, I believe a little screen time don’t hurt no body. But there is only so much TV they can watch. I still try my best to get their little brains going. 

Here are 6 budget friendly things we do to keep the kids busy during the summer holiday. 


This is actually one of the favourite thing my kids love doing. Nothing better than letting a 4 and 2 year old run free in the park. For me the best times for us to go is early morning. My kids wake up really early anyways. So after they have had breakfast and chilled a little we take a walk to the park. Now that it’s really hot and this sun isn’t a joke. We go in the morning while the weather is still cool, the sun isn’t burning them at all. I would say before 11 am or after 3 pm is the best time to take them as they aren’t to exposed to the sun. And usually the park and nice and quiet not many people around. By then they are both so tired and ready for their nap. 

Arts and crafts 

My kids absolutely love arts and crafts, which kid doesn’t! They can spend while seating down and actually focusing on it. I honestly love when they are doing this activity because I get some time of peace and quiet. I get so many ideas of lovely Instagram accounts and my old time favourite Pinterest. The ideas their are endless. Majority of the things that they use I buy it from Amazon, Poundland or Wilko so affordable.


Even though it the summer holidays. We don’t just put the books down completely. They still have to learn how to read and write so when they start school after the 6 weeks they haven’t forgotten everything. Our local library has story club once a week. Where kids come and they get write books and see other kids. Think it’s also a great way for the kids to interact with different children. And mum or dads to meet other people. They also have baby rhyme try and see what your local library offers.  

kids summer holiday activities


We have a leisure centre close to our home. My kids love the water we are going  to the pool more. After swimming they usually burn all that energy that they have. I like taking them late afternoon so when the comeback it’s time to eat, bath and bed.

Bug Hunt

My kids love the outdoor, but than again what kid doesn’t! We hardly do this activity but planning on doing it more this summer. As I have notice that they really enjoy it and it’s great because they communicate well. It leads to adventures and imaginative play. 


My kids love to eat and run around so what better combination. I usually make some sandwiches, get some fruits and drinks and off we go to the park. We get to just chill and eat. As well as they get to run around and play. Kill to birds with one stone. 

Comment what activities to you do with your kids in the summer.