8 Tips For A Successful Tear-Free Toddler Hair Wash Day

hair wash day

I know when it comes to hair wash day many parents dread it because of how much their toddlers hate it. But it doesn’t always have to be so stressful i have been doing this tips since my daughter was a baby and it has been working for us. This are simple and easy tips and make hair wash day run smooth and be a success, where you and your toddler can enjoy it.

1. Detangle With Fingers

I usually detangle my daughters hair just a little with my fingers when hair is dry.  Really take your time when doing this because you don’t want to break your child’s hair. This will just make things easier once your child is in the bath ready to wash.

2. Get Bath Toys

There is nothing better than to distract your toddler when your are washing their hair.  Buy some lovely bath toys that they can really enjoy using while in the bath. This way if she/he gets upset you have a toy right there for them to play with. It makes the process a little more fun. You can also sing songs or start making conversations with them.

3. Wet Hair

I know some kids absolutely hate getting their hair wet as well as their face. Being really gentle in their step is important. I find it easier to use the shower head and lean her head back. And i sometimes also place a washcloth over her eyes as she doesn’t like water going into her eyes.

4. Shampoo/ Co-wash

You don’t need to put a huge amount of shampoo on your child hair, a dime size amount is more than enough. And i find it easier to pour the shampoo/ co wash on my hand first then put in on her scalp. And gently massage it all over, you don’t need to put a lot of shampoo at the ends of the hair, as it strips off all the oil. Do the same step when you are putting the conditioner.

5. Rinsing

Be very careful in this process because things can go left real quick. Take your time doing this step as you don’t want shampoo to enter her eyes, shield the eyes again, give the head a thorough rinse. Making sure all the shampoo or conditioner is out of the hair, because leaving shampoo residue behind makes hair dirtier, giving grime more of a chance to stick there.

To make finishing a little easier, it is best that you use a rinsing tool on hand. It will be a little more gentle on your little ones head and you will have a bit more control, even less scary for them. The munchkin soft rim shampoo rinser has a easy hand grip i sometimes use that it make it easier to rinse all the shampoo. If your child really hates having water on their face like my son does i bought a shower hair shield cap.  

hair wash day

6. Detangle Hair

This is a stage that i like to do while the conditioner is still on the hair. As it makes it easier to comb the hair. Use a wide tooth comb and start from the end of the hair making your way to the roots. This step requires you to have a lot of patience don’t rush at a lot.

7. Explain the process

I always make sure to explain every single step to my daughter, sometimes we might think oh she/he is to small to understand. And yes sometimes we want to just wash their hair and end it fast. But getting your child interested in what you are doing is what will make your wash day run smooth. When you are putting shampoo on her head you can also place a little on her hands, so she can also put it on her hair. She will start to show interest and start to understand the importance of making sure her hair is nice and clean.

8. Read Kids Hair Books

I always make sure that my daughter read books that she can relate to when it comes to her natural curly hair. She absolutely loves when we read those books and she relates to the characters. She learned the importance of taking care of her hair and also loving her curls. We are now at the point where she actually asks me to do her hair. She completely loves her hair to be nice and clean and in a cute hairstyle.

Having a hair care routine can also be helpful, as your toddler will start expecting it every week or every two week.Washing your toddlers hair doesn’t have to be a struggle it can actually be fun! Try all these tips and you will be surprised on how well your wash day can be. Let me know how you get on when you try this out.

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